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Qcommunity | Qwebinar - Kushan

Fasten your seat belts to take a thrilling ride on ACCELQ Skybolt VX -Release 6.1 on Tuesday, November 7, at 11 a.m. ET.

Building on the success of ACCELQ Skybolt, we’re excited to unveil a suite of new features set to enhance the experience even further. Here’s a preview of what’s in store at the event

  • Locator-Free Element Handling

    Bid farewell to Locators! Record automation logic on web applications without relying on Locators. Experience true freedom from application DOM dependency.

  • PDF Recorder

    Effortlessly record complex verifications and form-based interactions on PDF documents. Enjoy intuitive and fluid recorder interactions for streamlined workflows.

  • Interactive Element Reconciliation

    Simplify troubleshooting! Resolve element issues inline while tests are in Playback. Modify, fix, and proceed seamlessly with your test flow.

  • User-Extensions in Tenant Pool

    Import User Extensions once, access everywhere. Seamlessly use extensions across all projects in your tenant. No more redundancy in uploads.

And many more!

Take advantage of this opportunity and be part of this exciting event.

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