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accelQ announced the release of version 3.0 just in time to start 2019. This will be the biggest release since the release of API test automation last year.

I am thrilled about version 3.0. We have taken a big leap to deliver accelQ as the most comprehensive Agile Quality Management platform. We had the right foundation with a solid test automation platform, and this release brings lifecycle management capabilities for overall optimization of quality management. We had a tremendous 2018, growing more than 10 folds, adding customers in various verticals and domains. said accelQ Founder and CEO Mahendra Alladi.

accelQ has always been loved by its users for its neat design and user experience. This release has taken it to next level by incorporating intuitive workflows to further improve productivity levels and facilitate easier adoption. It brings fluidity with which automation design and development can be significantly accelerated even for non-programmers. Additionally, accelQ 3.0 has brought in full-blown mainframe test automation capabilities with the same natural language simplicity.

This version also brings execution and runtime scalability upgrades that are critical to enterprise level application portfolio, supporting 24×7 continuous testing.

This release really puts us in a driver’s seat of Agile Quality Management & Automation space. We can feel the excitement of our customers as we share how accelQ can truly help bring Quality upstream and align with development. accelQ 3.0 has brought test automation the same level of power and flexibility of programming, but without having to write any code. The way this release couples the in-sprint automation with test management was precisely the missing piece to achieve continuous delivery today. added Guljeet Nagpaul who leads the product strategy.

accelQ leverages AI and machine learning to power its next-gen platform and has been recognized by Forrester as a key player in this space. accelQ continues to grow its customer base across industry verticals including financial, manufacturing, airline, telecommunications, healthcare and software with Fortune 100 companies relying on accelQ as the tool of choice.

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