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Test Automation one notch higher with ACCELQ
Posted On: 11 November 2022

As the pressure to build, test, and ship software faster grows, software testing teams worldwide are embracing the benefits of test automation to bring products into the market quickly and reliably. But despite the growing adoption rate of test automation tools, most lack modern capabilities and restrict teams from driving efficient outcomes from their testing efforts.

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The Importance of Test Automation

As DevOps became increasingly popular, testing and development teams started working together, sharing the same organizational philosophies, practices, and tools to ensure product quality. Soon, test automation became popular, enabling teams to move away from manual efforts and automatically review and validate software products. As a result, teams could quickly ensure whether the product met predefined quality standards for code, business logic, and user experience.

What is test automation framework-ACCELQ

So, what makes test automation so widespread? How does it help transform the testing ecosystem? In essence, it:

  • Improves the frequency of releases. This enables teams to introduce new features and changes to users without compromising quality
  • Builds a continuous delivery pipeline, so teams can always stay aligned with the latest market trends, customer expectations, and business requirements.
  • Doesn’t just automate the bug identification and resolution process. It ensures better code quality and eliminates the same bugs from emerging again.
  • Brings down the learning curve of understanding and using new tools down to zero. This empowers teams to get started with testing immediately
  • Enhances test efficiency and test coverage by automating the process of test case design and execution
  • Minimizes stress while empowering teams to have a sense of shared responsibility toward quality
  • Helps produce consistent quality outcomes with reduced risk, thus improving customer satisfaction

The Gaps in Existing Test Automation Tools

Test automation tools unlock the full potential of DevOps, ultimately helping teams reduce bottlenecks and increase efficiency. Although most tools are expected to have a direct positive impact on employee and customer satisfaction and, ultimately the bottom line, the reality is, unfortunately, very different.

Even though many test automation tools have existed for over a decade, several gaps exist. Let’s look at some of the most common challenges that these tools bring about:

  • Extremely complex to operate and require testers to have exceptional coding skills to create new test cases
  • Result in flaky and brittle tests that are extremely costly (and time-consuming) to troubleshoot and maintain at scale
  • Require testers to create their custom test automation frameworks. This makes it difficult to onboard new team members due to the steep learning curve.
  • Carry very high maintenance efforts and costs. To that end, they require testers to constantly make improvements to keep up with the changing technology stack.
  • Are non-intuitive and cannot respond to or resolve issues on their own
  • A single tool rarely offers features for utilization across different operating systems or frameworks. This leads to a complex labyrinth of miscellaneous tools.

The Benefits of Using ACCELQ for Test Automation

ACCELQ is one of the most powerful test automation tools in the market today. This AI-powered, codeless solution on the cloud enables teams to achieve 3x faster automation, a 50% reduction in costs, and 70% lower maintenance efforts. As a single platform that seamlessly connects to varied testing needs, ACCELQ takes a transformational approach to cloud and packaged app automation. It enables teams to drive the best testing outcomes with real-time release alignment.

Such effective business process-based automation minimizes testing effort and also results in faster time-to-market. Because the tool integrates seamlessly with the existing ecosystem, it presents a unified view of the quality lifecycle. As a result, businesses can make the best decisions.

To that end, let’s look at five ways in which you can take your test automation one notch higher with ACCELQ:

Benefits of using accelq for test automation

1. Multi-channel Automation

As a unified platform for automation across the enterprise stack, ACCELQ allows for seamless and continuous test automation across your Web, Mobile, API, and Desktop application portfolio. Teams can leverage this no-code, no-setup, cloud-based automation platform to carry out testing across mobile operating systems, APIs, microservices, SSH, backend, MQ, ESB, and more. Using a single tool, they can also enable test automation tracking, traceability, and integration.

2. End-to-end Business Assurance

ACCELQ takes a revolutionary approach to business assurance in any multi-cloud packaged app environment. Since the tool’s business process-focused automation is integrated across the tech stack, teams only need to rely on one solution to enable end-to-end business assurance.

3. Zero Coding

In an era where coding complexity is at its peak, ACCLEQ’s zero coding feature makes it a much sought-after tool for test automation. Not only is it powerful enough to handle real-world complexities, but it also does this by being codeless, intuitive, and scalable.

4. Packaged Apps Automation

ACCELQ LIVE is a transformational technology for cloud & packaged app testing & automation. Using ACCELQ LIVE, testing teams can enjoy a seamless, defect-free, and agile testing experience. Since test cases are constantly automated and executed, the technology helps reduce costs and maintenance efforts.

5. Quality Lifecycle Management

ACCELQ also takes an extremely unified approach to test design and test execution. Leveraging the principles of effective Change Management, ACCELQ enables testing teams to seamlessly manage the quality lifecycle and drive accelerated quality at each step of the way.

Transforming Test Automation with ACCELQ

Test Automation with ACCELQ

As organizations advance in their DevOps practices, the need for test automation is becoming increasingly evident to build, test, and ship faster and more reliably. Test automation not only aids in eliminating repetitive manual testing efforts but also helps streamline the issue detection and resolution process. It also improves collaboration and communication across teams and helps them act on feedback and fix identified issues in the quickest time possible.

If you want to enable comprehensive test automation, you need to embrace a modern tool like ACCELQ. As a leading test automation tool and a one-stop shop for all things test automation, ACCELQ allows teams to align their efforts in the DevOps cycle by ensuring test cases are automated. Using ACCELQ, you can standardize your testing environment and achieve nearly 100% code coverage.

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Yuvarani Elankumaran

Technical Consultant


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