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A Begineer guide to oracle testing-ACCELQ
Posted On: 25 November 2022

This guide talks about the role and benefits of Oracle testing in application development.

What Is Oracle Testing?

Each year, cloud adoption across the globe continues to grow. However, enterprises face major challenges when it comes to the software testing of their cloud applications. With Oracle testing, organizations now have a cloud-powered platform for performing automated testing of their applications.

In recent years, Oracle has adopted a "cloud first" business strategy on a large scale. This enables product teams to develop and test their applications on the cloud easily. Additionally, these cloud applications are integrated with the Oracle database, thus providing a complete solution. With the release of more cloud applications, Oracle testing provides a self-service testing platform that significantly reduces the time and cost of application testing.

Why is Oracle testing important in application development? Let's discuss that next.

Why Is Oracle Testing Important in Application Development?

Product companies are increasingly transitioning to the cloud platform for application development. To that end, here are some reasons why Oracle tests are essential in any application development environment:

1. Changing User Expectations

To attract more users, product companies are releasing web and mobile apps rich in UI features. In fact, as application users look for products that are easy to use and rich in functionalities, it becomes the responsibility of product developers to accommodate the same.

Cloud-powered platforms enable them to use various UI technologies (with scalable computing power) without building them from scratch. The Oracle Cloud testing suite provides them with the necessary infrastructure.

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2. Scalability

As the number of app users increases, product companies must provide a scalable infrastructure to accommodate their growing user base. However, scalability is a major challenge for application developers. Poor scalability can directly impact the user's experience and business revenues.

With its scalable cloud platform, Oracle remains best equipped to provide a scalable infrastructure that is easy to maintain.

3. Business Analytics

As business proliferates, business analytics becomes a must for the enterprise. With effective analytics, companies can get answers to questions like:

  • What type of customers make use of our products?
  • Which product features do they use the most?
  • What do customers think of our applications?

In sum, organizations can define metrics and track their app performance using business analytics. Favorably, Oracle can provide end-to-end business analytics to its users with its cloud-based analytics system.

4. Lower Costs

Cloud-powered application development and testing are more cost-efficient than on-premises development. Product companies need not hire and retain a full-time development team to work on their applications. Moreover, cloud services like Oracle provide a range of tools that can test the health and performance of applications.

Benefits of Oracle Testing

How does cloud-powered Oracle testing benefit enterprises? Here are some of its key benefits:

1. Enables Agile Testing

Application testing is necessary after every product upgrade, patch, or even configuration change. This is not feasible in manual testing as it requires both time and resources. Software testers spend a lot of time preparing for testing, thus making the process less agile and time-consuming.

On the contrary, Oracle testing brings agility and flexibility to the entire testing process with capabilities including:

  • End-to-end orchestration of automated testing
  • Shared resources that can maximize the utilization of the cloud infrastructure
  • Complete provisioning of testing facilities for deploying multi-tier applications

2. Improved Cloud Performance

With Oracle, product companies have access to a high-performance cloud environment that can process user requests immediately with minimum load time. In essence, an Oracle test environment provides the necessary physical nodes and hardware configuration, thus enabling high bandwidth and low latency.

3. Delivering High-Quality Application

Oracle testing ensures that product companies deliver high-quality and reliable applications to customers. With cloud-powered test automation, there is ample time to properly test every application feature, update, patch, or configuration change.

Furthermore, Oracle testing supports functional and load testing. This ensures the applications fulfill all software quality requirements and drive business revenue.

4. Faster Data Transfers

As more organizations move their data to the cloud, faster data transfers are emerging as a key benefit for product companies. Therefore, with more remote working employees, companies need efficient data transfer over the internet to cloud storage. The Oracle cloud infrastructure facilitates faster data transfers as well as storage of larger data volumes.

What Is Oracle Test Automation?

Manual testing is no longer a practical solution in the age of business agility and flexibility. Among its drawbacks, manual Oracle testing is time-consuming and cannot provide complete test coverage.

By using Oracle test automation, organizations can test everything in a shorter time frame. By definition, Oracle test automation is aimed at end-to-end test coverage using automated tests on Oracle Cloud-hosted applications.

Here are some reasons why Oracle Test Automation is critical in today’s business environment:

  • It provides an efficient way to test application changes caused by a new (or modified) business process.
  • It provides an end-to-end efficient testing method for checking critical integrations of Oracle Cloud apps with third-party applications.
  • It is effective for testing app security and user privileges following a major Oracle update.

Frequently Asked Questions about Oracle testing (FAQs)

1. What is Oracle Application Testing Suite (OATS)?

OATS is a complete solution that helps automate the testing of Oracle applications. This solution allows software testers to focus their time and energy on other test-related activities.

2. Can we automate Oracle forms using Selenium?

Yes, you can use tools like Selenium and JUnit to build unit tests for the Oracle Test Automation framework. Using Selenium IDE, you can also record a UI test and execute your test case on the IDE. However, it comes with its own set of challenges.

3. What is Oracle database testing?

Oracle database testing is used to test the database management functionalities of the Oracle database system. Using this form of testing, you can check the integrity of any database changes and manage the test data.


To sum up, Oracle testing is an innovative form of testing that provides the best-in-class infrastructure. Besides that, Oracle Cloud is among the most cost-effective cloud computing platforms.

With its no-code Oracle test automation platform, ACCELQ can accelerate the testing of all cloud applications on the Oracle cloud. ACCELQ provides business transformation with its Oracle Live Universe with business benefits like:

  • 10x higher testing speed
  • Continuous delivery and testing
  • Business users’ empowerment

Our Oracle test automation platform is designed to deliver:

  • Lower maintenance costs for business processes
  • Automated updates of object libraries for every new Oracle release
  • In-sprint automation of Oracle releases using shift-left and continuous testing
  • One-stop approach to test automation for all enterprise apps

We can partner with you on your Oracle testing requirements. Sign-up for a product demo today!


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