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ACCELQ gets even more powerful with Enterprise Plan


Supercharge your test automation efforts with advanced enterprise features

Harness the power of cross-project asset sharing, responsive validation, accessibility testing, and more to optimize quality assurance and deliver high-quality software!

Single Sign On (SSO)

Seamlessly integrate with your corporate Single Sign On (SSO) system for secure and efficient authentication

Shared Agents for Project/Tenant

Utilize centralized execution agents to enable seamless sharing of execution resources at the Project/Tenant level

Dynamic agent selection

Take advantage of load balancing capabilities within your execution Agent farm, allowing for efficient distribution of workloads and dynamic selection of agents

Support for Mainframe testing

Automate green screen interactions and validations with comprehensive capabilities for efficient testing of mainframe system

Multi-level branching

Manage change effectively with multi-level version branching, supporting a complex hierarchy for efficient change management

API Virtualization

Achieve end-to-end testing with ACCELQ’s API virtualization, enabling realistic testing even when backend APIs are in development or inaccessible.

ACCELQ is a strong enterprise testing choice

-The Forrester Wave™


Extended Storage limits

Enjoy expanded storage capacity for test results, with the ability to retain them for up to one year, ensuring comprehensive data preservation

External Reports access

Provide secure access to test results for the extended team, allowing them to view and analyze reports without requiring a subscription


Facilitate new team training and onboarding with on-demand access to sandboxes, providing a dedicated environment for hands-on learning and experimentation

Jira/Azure Plugin

Achieve bi-directional traceability between Jira/Azure and ACCELQ, gaining a comprehensive view of test coverage and seamless integration for efficient collaboration and tracking

Advanced API access

Gain access to APIs for building custom formatted reports or creating enterprise data views, empowering you to leverage ACCELQ’s capabilities for tailored reporting and comprehensive data analysis

Cross-Project Asset Sharing

Collaborate efficiently by sharing Actions across Projects, enabling the construction of end-to-end, multi-application Scenarios for seamless integration and comprehensive testing

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Web Performance Validation

Enhance your functional test flow by incorporating Web Performance metrics evaluation, allowing you to compare the results against a baseline for comprehensive performance testing and analysis

Accessibility Testing

Ensure Accessibility compliance across every page as you execute functional test automation, validating the user experience for individuals with diverse needs and meeting accessibility standards

Responsive Validation on emulated devices

Verify your browser tests across a suite of custom-defined emulated device configurations, ensuring responsive design and optimal user experience across a range of devices

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