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ACCELQ makes its entry into the South African sub-continent with World Tour Essentials Johannesburg 2024 with ACCELQ.

The combination of CRM, AI, Data and Trust is most sought after in the world of enterprise technology, is it not? Welcome to what is in store at World Tour Essentials Johannesburg 2024! ACCELQ is a proud sponsor geared up to showcase the power of codeless test automation exclusively for Salesforce!

ACCELQ Codeless AI test automation platform is aligned to Salesforce releases that ensures smooth upgrades of your Salesforce stack using seamless self-healing continuous testing techniques. Unlock a world of possibilities by joining us at World Tour Essentials Johannesburg to gain valuable insights from our experts! We can help you discover how to optimize salesforce testing and turn data into actionable strategies to fetch quality deliverables.

Mark Your Calendar!

  • Date: June 6, 2024
  • Time: 8 AM (UTC + 2)
  • Location: Stand No. 4, Kyalami Convention Centre

Discover the future of Salesforce automation with ACCELQ:

  • Embark on a transformative journey of Salesforce test automation powered by AI and no-code techniques.
  • Unlock AI’s potential with interactive expert-led sessions that highlight the influence of AI in testing workflows.
  • Fuel business growth by switching to scalable continuous test automation for Salesforce.

Make your way to our booth to dive-deep into our AI-powered, no-code solution, optimized for Salesforce. We guarantee that we can turn around your testing game!

Get started on your Codeless Test Automation journey

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