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Accelerate DevOps Journey

Accelerate DevOps Journey with Continuous Testing in Salesforce

In this insightful webinar, we explore the crucial role of continuous testing in accelerating the Salesforce DevOps journey. As organizations strive to improve the speed and efficiency of their application development, the importance of seamless integration between DevOps and continuous testing cannot be overlooked.

Our expert speaker Vernon will provide an in-depth understanding of Salesforce DevOps, its 11 categories, and the significance of DevOps in the world of Salesforce application development. We will delve into the definition, importance, and integration of continuous testing within the DevOps pipeline, showcasing best practices for test automation and various testing strategies, such as unit, integration, end-to-end, performance, and security testing.

Attendees will learn how to effectively implement continuous testing in Salesforce DevOps by selecting the right testing tools, integrating them into the DevOps pipeline, and monitoring test results. The webinar will also cover change intelligence and data transformation, demonstrating their essential role in maintaining data quality and integrity during testing.

To help illustrate the benefits of continuous testing, Vernon will share success stories of organizations that have effectively implemented continuous testing in their Salesforce DevOps processes. By the end of this webinar, attendees will have gained valuable insights and practical knowledge to accelerate their own DevOps journey with continuous testing in Salesforce

Top 3 Takeaways for attendees:

  • Understand the importance of continuous testing in Salesforce DevOps
  • Learn the best practices for test automation and various testing strategies
  • Gain insights from real-world Testing success stories.

Speaker Bio:

Vernon Keenan

Senior Industry Analyst,

Vernon Keenan is a 45-year IT veteran and is a Senior Industry Analyst at He is a passionate expert in Salesforce DevOps. His deep understanding of Salesforce and keen interest in the impact of DevOps have contributed to the growth and adoption of best practices across various organizations, helping them achieve success in the Salesforce ecosystem.

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