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ACCELQ has embedded the power of AI at its core to cut down testing time by 70%. ACCELQ is the only test automation platform where AI drives automation processes across the software quality life cycle including test design, planning, test case authoring, test case generation and change management.

ACCELQ leverages sophisticated algorithms, machine learning and natural language processing to accelerate the test automation while making it simple and accessible to all. It helps automation engineers, manual testers, agile product owners and quality managers to enable in-sprint automation and truly align with continuous delivery.

ACCELQ’s Natural language AI automation platform is available for a free; visit ACCELQ

In addition, ACCELQ has also seen tremendous success in process automation & functional monitoring with its AI based SmartMonitor solution. It enables constant and automatic monitoring of application business process delivery to its end users. The cloud based SmartMonitor solution monitors business continuity in production environments validating the functional accuracy of application processes and its data. This has made a significant impact for customers where application performance is the backbone of today’s digital businesses.

“Continuous innovation is the driving factor behind ACCELQ’s achievements and its vision. We are uniquely positioned to lead the market with capabilities and efficiencies of the likes never seen before. With growing complexities of micro-services, dynamic content, changing technology stack, ACCELQ’s AI based approach simplifies the automation helping realize the ROI faster, and more importantly sustains the benefits” comments Guljeet Nagpaul, Head of Product Strategy at ACCELQ. “Automation can now cope up with the continuous delivery and the pace of application changes without getting stuck in vicious maintenance cycles”
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