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ACCELQ gears up to come back as a groundbreaker sponsor for World Tour DC 2024!

World Tour DC 2024 powered by Salesforce hops on to capital city, this spring 2024! ACCELQ returns as a groundbreaker sponsor to this event to present the latest features of its unique AI-powered no-code continuous testing platform-a Salesforce exclusive.

Elevate your productivity, enhance customer experience, and achieve unprecedented results with the leading AI CRM and test automation platform. Join us at World Tour DC and gain invaluable insights from our AI and Product Experts on optimizing your team’s capabilities and translating insights into actionable strategies.

Don’t pass up this opportunity to interact with fellow industry leaders and peers, collaborate on solutions, and brainstorm innovative approaches together. Engage with the foremost experts to exchange best practices and connect with the brightest minds in the field.

Mark the date :

  • Wednesday, 10th April 2024
  • 9.00 a.m-5 p.m. ET

Guljeet Nagpaul, our Chief of Product and Strategy will be doing a session on, “Automation-First DevTestOps: Public Sector Success Stories” at Sponsor Theatre Three on the campground floor from 12:00 pm – 12:20 pm ET. Guljeet will dive-deep into details of how to achieve end-to-end automation testing in applications ranging from mainframes, desktop to modern apps like Salesforce. He will be also sharing our real-time success stories on public sector QA transformation enabling CI/CD!

Stop by our Booth 101 to revolutionize your Salesforce test automation game and stay ahead of Salesforce upgrades without breaking a sweat! Experience cutting edge AI driven no-code test automation on cloud optimized for Salesforce, obtain detailed insights of our platform. Simply drop by for a chat, grab some SWAG, we are around to take conversations further!

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