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“The success of digital business transformation strategies is dependent on a much more comprehensive approach to quality than just answering the question ‘does it work’ ?” – as per Gartner.

And it’s totally true. Unfortunately, all tools in the market today are geared towards finding defects, which of course does not improve quality. Software Development Lifecycle has adopted Agile methodology leaving the behind the waterfall phases and silos. But Software Test Lifecycle is still stuck in “waterfall” mode of Requirements – Test design – Manual – Automation – Execution etc. Shifting left and Agile Testing will only remain concepts on paper as long as the software test lifecycle follows the waterfall phases. Test Driven Development is a good attempt to bring Agility to testing but does not come with a specific prescription of tool and process to make it a reality.

If we get to the root of what slows us down, “dependency” is one of the major hurdles that stands out. Today’s “browser automation” tools are all too dependent on application readiness to even begin the process of automation. Unit testing and API testing allow you to test early, but it is not a substitute for a comprehensive UI level automation. And there again, separate tools create additional silos. The key is to automate across the lifecycle and do it in one simple integrated validation process, rather than breaking them into silos.

What if you are able to abstract your application even before it is built, down to the finest level of detail that your automated testing requires? This can allow you to build your test automation assets and scenarios in parallel to your application development. You can get Automation ready Day-1. It’s only one of the many ways accelQ is breaking ground to help achieve a simple goal – Test Early, Get Agile, and Improve Application Quality!



Chief Product Officer, ACCELQ


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