Key Challenges in PEGA Automation

Challenge Selenium ACCELQ
Requires a mature Test Automation Framework designed for PEGA rule set validation Needs to be built from scratch. Several weeks of initial effort. Lifetime maintenance burden. Built based on best practices and comes pre-packaged. Consistent approach to modularity, parameterization, test case definition, reporting, error handling etc.
Due to the dynamic nature of Web Elements in PEGA, object identification is not straight forward Based on id, name, CSS, XPath etc. Requires technical knowledge to deal with complex and dynamic elements.

Selenium does not provide facility to use data-test-id, which is unique id provided by Pega. This is the biggest limitation with Selenium for Pega application.

Intuitive visual interface to build unique identification with realtime feedback.

Support for jQuery-based neighborhood and extended attribute selectors (with no technical skill requirement). Powerful self-healing strategies for detecting and self-correcting any changes in application interface elements.

Testing Pega UI and Pega API in Silos Along with Selenium need another tool for API Testing like SOAP UI or Rest Assured.

Integrating REST API interface to Pega BPM is not straight forward in Selenium.

Built in support for SOAP, REST, JMS, and Service Bus. Fully visual interface without needing programming knowledge.

End to end testing capabilities with a combination of UI and API testing in the same flow.


Why ACCELQ is a better alternative to Selenium for PEGA Test Automation?

Automation Design and Development

Feature ACCELQ Selenium
Automation Type Codeless Programming
Scripting Required No Yes
Ease of adoption Very High Low
Element ID Visual explorer with neighborhood awareness (readable text based), Repeat and Container Elements. Comprehensive and nontechnical Xpath and CSS, custom selectors
In-Sprint Automation Supported with intelligent abstraction No
Test Design Included No
Test Case generation Automated with the concept of Data Type None
Reusability and Modularity In-built with Context and Action concept at the core Manual
Test Management In-built test management with requirements-based traceability and test readiness None
Reporting Rich HTML reports with slideshows, defect integration, perspectives etc. None

Support Stack

Feature ACCELQ Selenium
Supported Web Technologies All Web Technologies including Angular, React and other UI frameworks Programming effort
Supported Enterprise applications Pega, Salesforce, SAP, Workday, ServiceNow etc. None
API Testing SOAP and REST, along with an ability to combine with UI testing. Extensive verification and data parsing capabilities. No
Cross browser testing All browser support (IE, Edge, Firefox, Chrome) against Windows, Linux & MAC Yes
Windows Automation Supported No
Manual Testing Integral and unified with automation No

Integrations and Extensions

Feature ACCELQ Selenium
Eco System Integration Well defined, two-way integration with tools such as Jira, TFS None
External API Complete open API for executions, reporting and status verifications N/A
Extendibility of Core Full blown extendibility of core with User Extension workbench N/A
CI/CD Integration Native plugin support for Jenkins, Bamboo, Team City and AutoRABIT integration None
ALM Integration Direct integration with Saucelabs and Browser Stack None
Cloud Infrastructure Direct integration with Saucelabs and Browser Stack None

Infrastructure and Operations

Feature ACCELQ Selenium
Cloud, with zero setup requirement Yes N/A
Scheduled Runs (outside of CI) Extensive control with daily/hourly or weekly automated executions and notifications Framework Dev
Online Support Portal Yes N/A
On Premise Yes N/A
Distributed Executions Yes, across a network of nodes or Sauce Labs/Browser Stack Framework Dev
Backup and Recovery Automatically included in the subscription None

The ACCELQ difference

Simple to adopt and elegantly designed, with the power to give your testing real acceleration

API and UI automated in the same flow

Unique capability to integrate API and UI testing in the same flow, enabling true end-to-end validation without handoffs. API testing at the same simplicity and regression maturity as UI automation.

Automated test case generation and data planning

Design your data behavior on a canvas and let ACCELQ take care of automated test case generation with proven risk coverage assurance. Centrally manage data changes without impacting test cases.

Seamless CI/CD integration and natural traceability

Native integration with CI/CD tools such as Jira, Jenkins ensure test automation is integral to development lifecycle. Traceability is redefined with the intelligent, connected test repository.

Salesforce Release Alignment

Being an ISV partner, ACCELQ is aligned to Salesforce releases to ensure smooth Salesforce upgrades with robust Automation testing

Automation Support

Automation support for diverse technology stack for end-to-end Salesforce process validations

In-sprint automation without need for programming

Develop automation test logic in plain English, concurrently with application development. Address in-sprint volatility with intelligent change management and powerful reconciliation engine.

Enable manual testers to automate testing

Powerful natural language editor allows you to write test automation logic in plain English. Design-first approach on UX driven platform allows manual testers to scale up without learning curve.

Visual application model for lifecycle automation

ACCELQ’s Universe is a visual blueprint of your application and drives automation across quality lifecycle with business process focus. Develop test scenarios with predictive analytics.

Self-healing autonomic test automation

ACCELQ’s analytic runtime engine ensures a reliable test execution by intelligently adapting to unexpected application changes. Design-first approach ensure Robust element ID based on AI.

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