ACCELQ vs Zephyr Scale – A Snapshot

Feature ACCELQ Automate +
ACCELQ Automate +
Zephyr Scale Cloud
Performance All Test activity on ACCELQ. Only lightweight actionable traceability info on JIRA All the Test activity happens on JIRA on top of other activities
Management 1 JIRA Plugin to cover Manual and Automation Test traceability 2 separate plugins for Manual and Automation traceability
Total tools + Plugins to manage 3 – JIRA + ACCELQ + ACCELQ Connect Plugin 5 – JIRA + ACCELQ + ACCELQ Connect Plugin + Zephyr Project + Zephyr plugin
Testing Process Test teams follow similar processes for Manual and automation Test teams have different processes for Manual and Automation testing
Pricing License per Tester only License tier based on overall JIRA licensing
Support Enterprise and Premium support included in Equinix Subscription Standard Support included. No Premium support available
Test Cases Importing from other tools Yes Partial

Why ACCELQ is a better alternative to Zephyr Scale?

Project Configuration

Feature ACCELQ Automate +
ACCELQ Automate +
Zephyr Scale Cloud
Project-wise grouping of Test assets Yes Yes
Link JIRA tickets to Tests across Projects Yes No
Shared configuration for Automation and Manual Projects Yes No


Feature ACCELQ Automate +
ACCELQ Automate +
Zephyr Scale Cloud
Create, view, edit, clone tests Yes Yes
Data-Driven testing Yes Yes
Automatic generation of test data combinations Yes No
Custom Configurations at every data set level Yes No
Pre-defined Test Data lists at Project level Yes No
Shared Test Data lists between Automation and Manual Tests Yes No


Feature ACCELQ Automate +
ACCELQ Automate +
Zephyr Scale Cloud
Static grouping of Test cases Yes Yes
Dynamic grouping of Test cases (Based on Filters, linked requirements) Yes No
Hierarchical Test organisation in folders and sub-folders No Yes
Homogenous planning and organization of Automation and Manual Tests Yes No
Creating, Editing, cloning Test Sets, Executions Yes, Full Partial


Feature ACCELQ Automate +
ACCELQ Automate +
Zephyr Scale Cloud
Support for multiple Test executions in parallel Yes Yes
Shared Test-suite executions Yes Yes
Test-environment level execution configurations Yes No
Out-of-the-box Automatic result notifications (email, teams, slack) Yes No
Automatic Time-tracking Yes Yes
Ad-Hoc / Exploratory executions Yes No


Feature ACCELQ Automate +
ACCELQ Automate +
Zephyr Scale Cloud
Summary Reports Yes No
Detailed Reports Yes Yes
Result Dashboards Yes Yes
Manual and Automation combined dashboards In roadmap No
Advanced API access Yes Yes


Feature ACCELQ Automate +
ACCELQ Automate +
Zephyr Scale Cloud
Show linked stories per Manual Test Yes Yes
Show linked test cases per Story Yes Yes
Show linked test cases Sprintwise or for any JIRA filter Yes Yes
Link defects to failed test results Yes Yes
Attach screenshots, documents and other notes to results, defects Yes Yes
Show the latest test results for linked test cases at the Story view Yes Yes
Access detailed test results for each test case right from the Story view Yes Yes
Link Automation tests to related
manual tests and vice-versa
Yes No

The ACCELQ difference

Simple to adopt and elegantly designed, with the power to give your testing real acceleration

API and UI automated in the same flow

Unique capability to integrate API and UI testing in the same flow, enabling true end-to-end validation without handoffs. API testing at the same simplicity and regression maturity as UI automation.

Automated test case generation and data planning

Design your data behavior on a canvas and let ACCELQ take care of automated test case generation with proven risk coverage assurance. Centrally manage data changes without impacting test cases.

Seamless CI/CD integration and natural traceability

Native integration with CI/CD tools such as Jira, Jenkins ensure test automation is integral to development lifecycle. Traceability is redefined with the intelligent, connected test repository.

Salesforce Release Alignment

Being an ISV partner, ACCELQ is aligned to Salesforce releases to ensure smooth Salesforce upgrades with robust Automation testing

Automation Support

Automation support for diverse technology stack for end-to-end Salesforce process validations

In-sprint automation without need for programming

Develop automation test logic in plain English, concurrently with application development. Address in-sprint volatility with intelligent change management and powerful reconciliation engine.

Enable manual testers to automate testing

Powerful natural language editor allows you to write test automation logic in plain English. Design-first approach on UX driven platform allows manual testers to scale up without learning curve.

Visual application model for lifecycle automation

ACCELQ’s Universe is a visual blueprint of your application and drives automation across quality lifecycle with business process focus. Develop test scenarios with predictive analytics.

Self-healing autonomic test automation

ACCELQ’s analytic runtime engine ensures a reliable test execution by intelligently adapting to unexpected application changes. Design-first approach ensure Robust element ID based on AI.

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