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Customer enables Salesforce business users with comprehensive, in-sprint automated testing capabilities

Customer enables Salesforce business users with comprehensive, in-sprint automated testing capabilities

Inudstry : Information Services – Company Size : 30,000 -40,000

Migration & Adoption

Agility and Quality expectationss from CRM Platform

Customer seeks to greatly enhance the user experience, quality and agility of the CRM program for the business. This implementation is business critical and regression testing consumes considerable amount of resources.

  • Automate business process validation across 6 different Salesforce modules
  • Handle complexity of Salesforce lightning controls for automated interactions
  • Cut down on manual test effort from multiple days to few hours
  • Effectively deal with dynamically generated and nested frames in Salesforce and avoid maintenance overhead
  • Enable the business team to perform in-sprint automation!
Staying ahead of the rapid changes and iterations in a large-scale enterprise platform can be challenging. The ACCELQ testing platform helps us do this, with an enterprise testing platform that simply works.
Through ACCELQ Universe Test Suites, Reporting, and CI/CD Integration we are able to stay ahead of the rapid changes and ensure we deliver only quality enhancements to our Platform.


Key Challenges & Solution Approach

  • Business process focused Salesforce Universe to visualize key business processes
  • Modular automated test bed with predictive scenarios
  • End-to-end automated solution on the cloud with no infra or setup requirements
  • Dynamic elements in Salesforce handled with neighborhood analysis
  • Test executions setup in un-attended mode for regular validations


Faster Releases at higher

Multi-day manual test effort reduced to few hours of automated regression

Significant Cost & Effort

Modularity enabling development for new business process automation with over 80% re-use

Business Process

Enabled testing teams to design and develop automation concurrently with new feature implementation

Technical Excellence with
sustainable benefit

Embedded best practices and design principles address peripheral concerns and tracebility consistently


Let our team of experts walk you through how ACCELQ can assist you in achieving a true continous testing automation.

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