ACCELQ named a LEADER in Forrester Wave™ Continuous Functional Test Automation Suites, Q2 2020
ACCELQ is on Salesforce App Exchange
ACCELQ is THE only Continuous Testing & Automation platform
on Salesforce App Exchange
Test automation that's lightning fast & easy, just like Salesforce !
accelQ Product overview
accelQ is truly on Cloud, just like Salesforce
Visual model of your Salesforce implementation and business processes
No-code automation that’s simple & powerful
Intelligent test planning & cloud executions enabled with Continuous Integration
Comprehensive test management with inbuilt traceability for all test assets
Agile dashboard for execution tracking & detailed reporting


ACCELQ is the only continuous test automation and management platform listed on Salesforce App Exchange. Hosted on the cloud, it is much faster and easier to setup ACCELQ compared to Provar or Selenium. ACCELQ is a complete test management platform helping you deliver Quality Salesforce implementations.
Salesforce Success Story

Staying ahead of the rapid changes and iterations in a large-scale enterprise platform can be challenging. The accelQ testing platform helps us do this, with an enterprise testing platform that simply works.

Through accelQ Universe Test Suites, Reporting, and CI/CD Integration we are able to stay ahead of the rapid changes and ensure we deliver only quality enhancements to our Platform.


A global information, data and measurement company enables Salesforce business users with comprehensive, in-sprint automated testing capabilities
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AI Driven Automation Optimized for Salesforce Specific Dynamic Technology
  • Seamless no-code automation, handling Salesforce dynamic elements & iframes
  • Lightning and Classic support for all Salesforce customers
  • Self-healing automation reduces automation maintenance by 70%
  • Algorithmic & automated test case generation with Salesforce data models
Using or considering Selenium for Salesforce testing ?
Like the flexibility and openness but not the programming and constant maintenance?
accelQ complements Selenium, giving you all the benefits of WebDriver minus the overheads. Fully aligned with the CI/CD of your Salesforce implementations, accelQ brings automated test design, development, planning and tracking capabilities, all wrapped into a powerful cloud-based platform.
Enterprise App Integration for a True End-to-end Validation
Test Salesforce UI & API’s all in the same flow without any programming
Visualforce component automation for complete coverage
Automation of other ERP applications integrated with Salesforce, ensuring complete business process validation
Integrated Salesforce and custom web application test automation for end-to-end validation
Support for classic, lightning and Salesforce API
Continuous Testing for Agile Salesforce Implementations
End-to-end Validation
Integrated Salesforce and custom web application test automation for end-to-end validation
CI Workflow
Automated executions orchestrated by CI workflow
Cloud Execution
Cloud based execution with cross browser and OS for complete validations
In-sprint Automation
Intelligent abstraction for Salesforce workflows, enabling in-sprint automation
Integration with ALM tools
Integration with ALM tools for requirements and defect integrations
Let our team of experts walk you through how ACCELQ can assist you in achieving a true
continous testing automation.