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Embed AI-powered Codeless Test Automation into automated CI/CD pipeline

for Oracle, Salesforce, and SAP for comprehensive coverage and rapid feedback.

Elevate your Software delivery. Innovate confidently. Lead digital transformation

ACCELQ + Flexagon a powerful synergy that streamlines your software delivery and testing processes for Packaged Apps and SaaS, leading to

  • Enhanced Efficiency
  • Reliability &
  • Agility

We are thrilled to partner with ACCELQ to optimize end-to-end software development, testing, and delivery. Our FlexDeploy DevOps platform integrates seamlessly with ACCELQ’s robust AI-powered testing and provides exceptional value for Packaged Apps and SaaS environments like Oracle, Salesforce, and SAP.

Dan Goerdt, CEO at Flexagon

Partnership Benefits

Seamless Automation

By combining FlexDeploy’s robust automation capabilities with ACCELQ’S comprehensive test automation features, you can achieve end-to-end automation across your entire software delivery pipeline, from development to testing to deployment.

Improved Collaboration

The integration fosters seamless collaboration between development, testing, and operations teams, ensuring alignment in processes, faster feedback loops, and smoother handoffs throughout the software development lifecycle.

Accelerated Time-to-Market

The joint power of FlexDeploy and ACCELQ expedites the release cycles by automating build, test, and deployment processes, reducing manual interventions, and enabling quicker delivery of high-quality software products to market.


The integration optimizes resource utilization, reduces manual errors, and minimizes rework, leading to cost savings and increased operational efficiency in your software delivery and testing workflows.

Scalability and Flexibility

FlexDeploy and ACCELQ’s integration offers scalability to adapt to varying project demands and flexibility to customize workflows, allowing your teams to respond effectively to changing requirements and business needs.

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