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Have you considered the shift to AI driven no-code test automation, yet?

Software application development is driven by user-dynamics in the digital world. Accurate and efficient testing is critical to ensure both functionality and outstanding user experiences. AI and ML are dominant influences for smart intuitive testing strategies today. The adoption of agile and DevOps has meanwhile led to continuous testing and quicker release cycles throughout the development process. Let us also remember the growing complexities of technology that highlight the need for thorough performance and security testing.

Our eBook “Beyond Selenium: Embracing AI Codeless Test Automation” offers insights into moving from traditional Selenium testing to a more efficient, user-friendly Codeless Test Automation.

You will obtain insights on:

  • The need to shift from Selenium to Codeless Testing.
  • Understanding Codeless Test Automation.
  • How to implement Codeless Testing in the SDLC.
  • How ACCELQ can help you get started.

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