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Leading Telecom Giant

One of the leading telecommunications providers relies on ACCELQ for end-to-end
test automation for faster time to market

ACCELQ assists in crafting a robust and sustainable test automation solution for its client, who operates across diverse geographical locations and relies on a multitude of complex applications

Over 2.1 million test executions powered by 347 CI/CD suites.
70% savings in Cost of Quality.

Industry: Telecommunications
Company Size: 30,000 To 40,000

The Challenge

The client, an established telecom firm operates in 29 diverse markets across the United States. Four of these markets were acquired by another organization, necessitating distinct production systems for these two segments – the acquired four markets and the remaining 25 markets. Testing and validation of the entire enterprise application suite became a critical pre-requisite. ACCELQ collaborated with the client to deliver a comprehensive end-to-end test automation solution. This solution encompassed web, API, and database test automation for tasks such as regression testing, integration testing, data validation, and business rule testing.

Solution Approach

ACCELQ partnered to provide a complete test automation solution and help seamlessly integrate into CI/CD pipelines. Some of the key activities included

  • Understanding the highly complex application land space involving ERP, CRM, Web Applications, Corp Systems, OSS, ESB, EDW, DPI, PEGA, Sterling 7, Sterling 9, Salesforce, dotcom applications, Mobile Apps, and VFO.
  • Enable business teams to perform in-sprint automation
  • Automate business process validation across different market segments.
  • Cut down on manual test effort from multiple days to a few hours.
  • Handle the complexity of system controls for automated interactions.
  • Ensure business continuity of both market segments.


  • End-to-end automated solution on the cloud with no infra or setup requirements.
  • Quality lifecycle was accelerated by 3x with faster time to market and improved quality.
  • Over 2.1 million test executions powered by 347 CI/CD suites. 70% savings in Cost of Quality.
  • Significant savings in yearly license and tool maintenance costs (support and upgrade).
  • Business process-focused Salesforce Universe to visualize key business processes.
  • Test executions setup in an unattended mode for regular validations.
  • Test Development and maintenance cost per test case dropped to 1/3rd with ACCELQ.


Faster Releases At Higher Quality

Multi-Day Manual Test Effort Reduced To Few Hours Of Automated Regression

Significant Cost & Effort Reduction

Modularity Enabling Development For New Business Process Automation With Over 80% Re-Use

Business Process Focused

Enabled Testing Teams To Design And Develop Automation Concurrently With New Feature Implementation

Technical Excellence With Sustainable Benefit

Embedded Best Practices And Design Principles Address Peripheral Concerns And Traceability Consistently

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