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Major Public Sector Law Enforcement Agency

ACCELQ’s no-code solution fit the needs for rapid implementation and ensured minimal
sustainment burden for one of the largest public sector law enforcement agencies in North America.

Over 95% successful test executions for every release with minimal bug leakage into production.
76% in Cost Savings.

Industry: Public Sector
Company Size: 5,000+

Client Intro

This major public sector law enforcement agency is guided by its motto to serve and protect the society and make it a safe place to live and work.

  • This agency has served and protected the citizens for more than a century and is one of the largest public sector law enforcement agencies in North America.
  • Organized into four bureaus, this agency takes an integrated approach to emergency response, investigations, community building, and key services.
  • Strategic precincts and outreach programs contribute to the geography it serves having one of the lowest crime rates.

Business Objective

The public sector law enforcement agency aimed to overhaul manual testing and improve automation maturity across teams. They experienced challenges with redundant manual regression testing efforts, dependencies on specific quality checkers, and manual testers finding automation testing difficult. An easy and quick ramp-up test automation tool was needed, as previous attempts with Selenium (Cucumber and Protractor frameworks) proved difficult for manual testers to adopt without repeated Dev team intervention. With Agile 2-week sprints, in-sprint automation was lagging in overall velocity. Therefore, this agency realized the need was for a low or no-code tool that would enable manual testers to easily automate tests without deep coding expertise, eliminate redundant manual work, break down testing silos caused by specialized knowledge, make testing more engaging for manual testers, and enable rapid automation within short Agile sprints.

The decision to choose an AI-powered No-Code platform stemmed from factors such as simplicity, faster implementation and reduced maintenance. ACCELQ’s no-code NLP platform let manual testers quickly create automated tests without coding expertise. The AI abilities also reduced maintenance as tests could auto-heal against application changes. This simplicity and agility enabled fast rollout across teams. The no-code solution fit the needs for rapid implementation and minimal sustainment burden. The adoption of a platform offered ease of use, speed, and adaptability, especially for projects requiring rapid automation without extensive coding expertise. ACCELQ stood apart from the reusability standpoint and automation universe representation. It served as a user-friendly, easy-to-understand platform for people with zero automation experience.

Automation Challenges

  • Coding complexity with Selenium hindered manual testers.
  • Readability issues with code-based scripts.
  • Lack of reusability of coded scripts.
  • Slow pace of automation within sprints.
  • More manual than automation testers delaying progress.

How Did Accelq Help Overcome These Challenges :

  • Learning about ACCELQ and adapting to the know-hows of the software product was easy.
  • Smooth NLP commands accelerated asset creation
  • Enabled fast automation by manual testers
  • Simplified element identification
  • Auto-generation of test cases
  • Faster automation progression within sprints
  • ACCELQ Training and POC helped. Team members could revise and go through the training videos after weeks too, which was handy in the easy adaptability of the product.

Business Benefits with ACCELQ

  • Quicker validation with full regression cycle. Guarantee to have great quality and better coverage post regression testing cycles
  • Cross browser compatibility for regression runs, helps for easy resolution and quick identification of defects
  • Faster processing of scenarios and rapid transition of manual testers to automation engineers
  • 100% test coverage achieved for one major application, in scope to achieve maximum test coverage for other 2 applications
  • Over 95% successful test executions for every release with minimal bug leakage into production.
  • Smoke testing initially took 4-8 hours, now it takes 15-30 mins post ACCELQ.
  • Regression for application – manual regression would take 6 days, post ACCELQ automation 4 hours
  • Resources costing w.r.t time saved, and efforts multiplied.


  • End-to-end automated solution on the cloud with no infra or setup requirements.
  • Quality lifecycle was accelerated by 3x with faster time to market and improved quality.
  • Over 2.3 million test executions powered by 378 CI/CD suites. 72% savings in Cost of Quality.
  • Significant savings in yearly license and tool maintenance costs (support and upgrade).
  • Business process-focused Salesforce Universe to visualize key business processes.
  • Test executions setup in an unattended mode for regular validations.
  • Test Development and maintenance cost per test case dropped to 1/3rd with ACCELQ.

Faster Releases At Higher Quality

Multi-Day Manual Test Effort Reduced To Few Hours Of Automated Regression

Significant Cost & Effort Reduction

Modularity Enabling Development For New Business Process Automation With Over 80% Re-Use

Business Process Focused

Enabled Testing Teams To Design And Develop Automation Concurrently With New Feature Implementation

Technical Excellence With Sustainable Benefit

Embedded Best Practices And Design Principles Address Peripheral Concerns And Traceability Consistently

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