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Leading Financial Services Company

ACCELQ has helped Microsoft Dynamics business users speed up their software engineering, innovation, and business transformation efforts.

Our client is a top American financial services company with over $1.71 Trillion in assets headquartered in San Francisco, California. They sought to digitally transform their business to improve customer and employee experiences by adopting the latest technologies. Their client insights platform, which tracked consumer behavior, required end-to-end testing across Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Power Apps, APIs, Databases, and other integrated applications.

Industry: Financial Services
Company Size: 200,000+

Automation Challenges

  • Lack of a unified platform for end-to-end automation of diverse applications spread across, like Dynamics 365, Power Apps, Web, APIs, databases, and various integrations.
  • Needed help finding and training talent. The team comprised a mix of Dynamics business users, Microsoft developers, and manual QA who needed to be more technically strong to handle the complexity of regression suite automation.
  • Inability to incorporate automation in sprints, leading to delays of 1-2 sprints and an extended overall program timeline.
  • Integration and infrastructure challenges, including the need for developer-friendly ALM, Jira, and DevOps tools and the added effort of cross-browser and cross-platform testing.
  • Constant refactoring was required to keep pace with Dynamics releases, resulting in maintenance overheads.
  • Traditional automation frameworks could not interact with non-standard controls within Dynamics apps like lookup fields, lazy load grids, and dropdowns.

Business Benefits

  • ACCELQ provided a single platform for end-to-end test automation across multiple channels (Dynamics 365, Power Apps, web, mobile, API, and desktop) with a design-first approach and minimal setup time.
  • The platform seamlessly transcends across workflows and systems (such as SAAS, on-premises, and purpose-built applications) while integrating with enterprise-approved tools like Jira, TFS, and Jenkins. It allows for the creation of test suites across purpose-built and SAAS platforms.
  • ACCELQ’s configuration-based test suites and natural language editor improve agility, build reliability, and developer productivity while reducing maintenance efforts for regression suites. Business users can also easily automate processes using plain English. Regression script generation efforts were reduced from 16 hours to merely 4 hours.
  • The platform’s in-built modularity helped teams quickly develop new business process automation, leading to significant cost and effort reduction.
  • ACCELQ enabled teams to design and develop automation concurrently with new features, improving velocity and saving time through in-sprint automation.
  • Leveraging ACCELQ’s pre-built test assets for MS Dynamics helped speed up test automation in this particular case.
  • AI-based robust Object handling capabilities specially aligned to handle non-standard controls, nested iframes, and dynamic objects in Dynamics 365 helped alleviate many potential challenges.


Faster Releases At Higher Quality

Multi-Day Manual Test Effort Reduced To Few Hours Of Automated Regression

Significant Cost & Effort Reduction

Modularity Enabling Development For New Business Process Automation With Over 80% Re-Use

Business Process Focused

Enabled Testing Teams To Design And Develop Automation Concurrently With New Feature Implementation

Technical Excellence With Sustainable Benefit

Embedded Best Practices And Design Principles Address Peripheral Concerns And Traceability Consistently

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