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Leading Pharmaceutical Company

ACCELQ transformed the automation strategy of a leading Pharmaceutical Company,
offering a robust and scalable solution cutting across multiple application stacks and integrations.

Over 1.9 million test executions powered by 273 CI/CD suites.
74% savings in Cost of Quality.

Industry: Pharmaceutical
Company Size: 10,000+

Client Intro

Driven by a profound dedication to enhancing well-being, this renowned biopharmaceutical organization rooted in research exemplifies scientific progress. Their ceaseless endeavor for pioneering revelations has redefined patient well-being on a global scale. Teaming up with ACCELQ, this Company efficiently implemented automation strategies, ensuring end-to-end business assurance across their diverse technology stack.

Business Objective

As a pivotal component of their future-focused technology roadmap, our client aimed to expedite their journey toward digital enablement and automation. To achieve this, they prioritized the following goals:

  • Streamline Multi-Region Implementation: Facilitate comprehensive end-to-end testing across multiple regions.
  • Simplify Custom Application Integrations: Provide seamless support for integration testing with custom applications that involve hospital contracting, product, and pricing governance workflows, etc.
  • Drive Continuous Automation: Enable consistent daily regression runs for sustained efficiency gains.
  • Empower Business Users: Equip non-technical users to participate in the automation process.
  • Accelerate Time to Market: Expedite product launches through efficient testing and automation.
  • Leverage Cutting-Edge AI Automation: Harness the latest advancements in Codeless AI automation for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

Automation Challenges

In their pursuit of efficient testing, the client encountered a series of challenges while using traditional frameworks:

  • Complexity of Dynamic Applications: Automating a dynamic application like Salesforce with iframes, shadow DOM, and dynamic elements and staying aligned with multiple releases became maintenance-intensive.
  • Scalability Hurdle: Achieving scalability using traditional Selenium frameworks proved challenging as the testing scope expanded.
  • Skills Gap and Costly Resources: High demand for coding skills led to a shortage of expertise and increased expenses in sourcing skilled automation coders.
  • Specialized Scenario Automation: Challenges emerged in automating specific scenarios like bulk data uploads, drag-and-drop actions, and e-signature processes.
  • Web, Mobile, and Desktop Unified Automation: Automating a mix of web, mobile, and desktop applications, like Veeva CRM, posed difficulties in ensuring consistent testing quality across platforms.

Business Benefits

  • Unified Multi-Channel Automation: ACCELQ offered a singular platform for end-to-end test automation across diverse channels (Web, Mobile, API, desktop) with a quick setup and design-first approach.
  • Inclusive Automation Adoption: ACCELQ empowered the entire functional testing team, including manual testers, making automation accessible and transforming it from a specialized function to mainstream usage.
  • Accelerated Release Alignment: ACCELQ LIVE for Salesforce facilitated instant alignment of Live Codeless Automation assets in a multi-cloud environment, enhancing the speed of test automation.
  • Intelligent Self-Healing: ACCELQ’s self-healing autonomic automation adapted swiftly to fast-paced release changes, maintaining alignment and efficiency.
  • Seamless CI/CD Integration: ACCELQ seamlessly integrated with CI/CD processes while providing natural traceability for enhanced visibility and control.


  • End-to-end automated solution on the cloud with no infra or setup requirements.
  • Quality lifecycle was accelerated by 3x with faster time to market and improved quality.
  • Over 2.3 million test executions powered by 378 CI/CD suites. 72% savings in Cost of Quality.
  • Significant savings in yearly license and tool maintenance costs (support and upgrade).
  • Business process-focused Salesforce Universe to visualize key business processes.
  • Test executions setup in an unattended mode for regular validations.
  • Test Development and maintenance cost per test case dropped to 1/3rd with ACCELQ.

Faster Releases At Higher Quality

Multi-Day Manual Test Effort Reduced To Few Hours Of Automated Regression

Significant Cost & Effort Reduction

Modularity Enabling Development For New Business Process Automation With Over 80% Re-Use

Business Process Focused

Enabled Testing Teams To Design And Develop Automation Concurrently With New Feature Implementation

Technical Excellence With Sustainable Benefit

Embedded Best Practices And Design Principles Address Peripheral Concerns And Traceability Consistently

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