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One of the World’s largest airlines relies on ACCELQ platform for Enterprise-wide Test Automation & Continuous Testing.

One of the World’s largest airlines relies on ACCELQ platform for Enterprise-wide Test Automation & Continuous Testing.

Over 1.95 million test executions powered by 315 CI/CD suites.
73 % savings in Cost of Quality.

Business Objective

  • Build a test automation practice that is scalable for Customer enterprise needs. Ability to automate technologies including web, mainframes, API and other legacy applications.
  • Enable continuous automation as a practice in sprint cycles
  • Setup reliable automation test runs that project teams can count on, utilizing AI for self-healing
  • Encourage greater participation from functional test team members in the automation activity

Migration & Adoption

Customer Airlines like other large enterprise organizations, has a complex and diversified application portfolio. Multiple automation tools were in place to cater to demands for automation across technology stack. Customer was faced with familiar scalability challenges to achieve Continuous Delivery.

ACCELQ was acquired and adopted across the enterprise for all UI as well as non-UI automation. ACCELQ customer success team partnered with Customer’s team to migrate existing automation assets and accelerate the adoption. During this time, Customer airlines test team was enabled with formal training workshops coupled with on-the-job learning.

ACCELQ is proving out to be a great investment for our organization as it is playing an important role in achieving our goals in area of continuous delivery. It helped us accelerate the pace at which we automate our functional tests leveraging powerful Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics engine. It drastically cut down the time it takes to complete execution of automated tests.

- Director, Enterprise Quality & Release Management

Key Challenges & Solution Approach

Legacy custom frameworks for varied technology stack

There were different custom frameworks developed and maintained for UI and API test automation. ACCELQ comes embedded with application model based framework that significantly optimized reusability and brought maintenance efficiencies.

Constantly chasing programming skill-set and resources

In the old world, Customer airlines was stuck in a vicious cycle of chasing programming skill-set for code based automation. ACCELQ adoption brought accessibility of automation for entire functional testing team including manual testers. ACCELQ changed automation from being a specialist function to mainstream at Customer Airlines.

Challenges with reliable test execution, extremely dynamic content

Customer's application is extremely dynamic both for content and visual elements. ACCELQ element explorer is powerful and allowed Customer to build complex element structure with little effort.


Savings in development and maintenance of automation assets
  • Over 1.95 million test executions powered by 315 CI/CD suites. 73% savings in Cost of Quality.
  • Test Development and maintenance cost per test case dropped to 1/3rd with ACCELQ
  • Quality lifecycle was accelerated by 3x with faster time to market and improved quality.
  • Significant savings in yearly license cost and tool maintenance cost (support and upgrade).
In-sprint automation & alignment with Continuous Integration

With ACCELQ abstraction, test automation at Customer was able to shift-left and bring in-sprint automation to enable continuous testing

Test Automation assets on the cloud aligned with Business process and Application flow

Test asset sharing, test management, test planning and execution tracking are driven thru the collaborative ACCELQ software for automation management.



Faster Releases at higher

Multi-day manual test effort reduced to few hours of automated regression

Significant Cost &
Effort Reduction

In-built modularity enabling quicker development of new business process automation; over 80% re-use.

Business process
focused approach

Enabled testing teams to design and develop automation concurrently with new feature implementation

Technical Excellence with
sustainable benefit

Embedded best practices and design principles address peripheral concerns and tracebility consistently


Let our team of experts walk you through how ACCELQ can assist you in achieving a true continous testing automation.

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