ACCELQ named a LEADER in Forrester Wave™ Continuous Functional Test Automation Suites, Q2 2020

Automation Platform to Support Complete Enterprise Application Portfolio

Support for complex technology stack, with the same simplicity as UI testing

Codeless Automation for All Web/UI Technologies
Seamless handling of newer and evolving technologies
Out of the box support for dynamic and complex elements
Extendible framework for third party custom controls
Robust and AI driven element handling and self-healing
Full Blown API Test Automation
REST, SOAP as well custom protocol support for complete API testing
Achieve end-to-end validations with API and UI in same flow
Flexible & powerful assertion building and API validations
API chaining and regression suite capability for mature API Testing
Auto generation of test cases for permutations of data
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how functional approach to API automation enables your entire team to automate, without the need for specialists.
Green Screen Automation Simplified
Natural language-based automation of any 3270 or 5250 terminals
In-built support for HLL and COM based terminal emulator
Seamless support for IBM PCOM Attachmate emulator clients
Hummingbird and extensible HLL and OLE/COM support
Validate true end to end flow across front end, backend, API and Mainframes
Backend Automation, SSH Testing or Messaging ... All With Same NL Simplicity
Database Testing
Support for automated testing on databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Teradata. Stored Procedure execution and verification also supported. As with everything else, no need for programming skills!
Message Queues
Support for Tibco, ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ and IBM MQ. Connect to a message queue, broadcast a message, subscribe to a topic, read & verify a message – all from your test logic using the natural language interface.
SSH testing
Comprehensive support for SSH testing to cater to Enterprise application testing requirements. From the logic editor, run commands on remote Unix servers and parse the response – all integrated with UI testing.
NoSQL Testing
Need to query an unstructured (NoSQL) database such as Mongo or Couchbase Database? ACCELQ has the capability to query and parse the response in an automated fashion. No technical skills required!
Easily Extend the Natural Language Interfaces to Your Needs
Fully Extendible & Flexible
Fully and Easily extendible and flexible to adopt to your unique technology
Marketplace Driven
Marketplace driven concept constantly increases eco-system of libraries
Support for Custom Libraries
Annotation based import makes it accessible and fast to import custom libraries
Fully Managed & Secure
ACCELQ hosting is secure for your enterprise needs. We follow industry standard safety protocols and
implement rigorous process driven framework.
Application access is restricted via Oauth 2.0 based security and tenant group access policies.
Data is segregated into tenant specific schema and backed up on regular basis.
Hosting environment is secure on amazon AWS service and ACCELQ restricts access to the hosted environment via secure
  • IAM/Resources/capabilities policies
  • IP restricted security groups
  • Access audits
Let our team of experts walk you through how ACCELQ can assist you in achieving a true
continous testing automation.