ACCELQ named a LEADER in Forrester Wave™ Continuous Functional Test Automation Suites, Q2 2020
Enhance the Power of Selenium for a Sustainable Test Automation
All the power of Selenium, without the complexities of frameworks and coding
Powered with Selenium, minus the complexities and overhead
Powered by Selenium
Execution engine powered by Selenium runtime
Behavior Driven Design
Behavior driven designer giving a business-process perspective to Selenium capabilities
Automated Test Case Generation
Automated test design and test case generation to augment Selenium capabilities
No Programming Skills
No programming skills needed; Natural language interface to Selenium API
Automated and Robust Element Identification
Element Explorer
ACCELQ’s flagship element explorer allows you to visually construct robust ID selector. No need to parse and analyze the DOM
Anchoring & Neighborhood Analysis
Dynamic page content and elements handled with innovative concepts such as Element Family, Anchoring and neighborhood analysis
Early Automation
Kick start your automation without waiting for application front-end
Concurrent Progress
Make concurrent progress along side dev team, with powerful abstraction and reconciliation engine
Embedded Framework to Maximize the Power of Selenium
No need for Custom Frameworks
Get all the benefits of Selenium without investing in custom frameworks
Reusable & Modular
Reusable and modular business process application components guide the test scenario generation
Data- driven Testing
Data-driven testing, driven by business rules for optimal coverage
Extended Selenium capabilities to latest technologies
Extensions on Selenium core enables testing latest technologies such as Angular and React JS.
Out-of-the-box support for composite controls in UI frameworks such as Kendo, Bootstrap, Google MD and many others
Achieve execution reliability with autonomics based self-healing and exception handling
Convert Selenium exceptions into actionable and troubleshooting steps
Test Governance Included - Plan, Track and Manage
Eliminate tons of Selenium utilities; ACCELQ enables test planning with intelligent user story or change based test plan creation
Actionable and functional test reports enhance Selenium’s reporting to enterprise level
Integration with bug tracking tools for one-click defect creation and management
Selenium Grid Executions With an Enterprise Focus
Automated lab management and distributed test executions
Test results collated automatically across the automation farm, maintaining the same functional reports even with parallel execution
In-built Saucelabs and Browser stack integration for infra extendibility
Explore Our Exciting Product Features
Focus on Business Process
A visual blueprint of your application which becomes the center of universe, driving entire Quality lifecycle.
Automate the Automation
Automation in an integral aspect of test authoring in ACCELQ. Develop scripts in plain, natural English.
API Testing
Ensure 360° quality coverage by seamlessly embedding critical server-side API validations along with your front-end testing.
Change Bot
Manage test assets across multiple revisions of application-under-test with the Smart View Analyzer.
Continuous Action Dashboard
Enable agile delivery with Continuous Action Dashboard which provides an integrated view of the entire SDLC status.
Integrated Data Designer
Capture the structure of test data based on business semantics. Test case generation is automated.
Let our team of experts walk you through how ACCELQ can assist you in achieving a true
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