Easiest and most sustainable way to automate web and API testing

accelQ automates test design and execution with natural English coding and self-healing capabilities. No framework overhead!

accelQ is the most complete automation platform

Automates test design and execution with a focus on business process
Enables manual testers and business analysts to automate without the need for programming
Ensures design-first approach with inbuilt modularity; No need for custom frameworks.
Enables early automation with industry first virtualized abstraction for functional testing
Business-driven approach
A visual blueprint of your application which becomes the center of universe, driving entire Quality Lifecyle. Break test phases silos with an integrated business-driven process.
Develop test scenarios based on predictive analytcis and path analytics
Predictive Scenario Design
Develop test scenarios based on predictive analytics and path analysis; seamlessly keep up-to-date with the business process.
Insprint Automation
In-sprint automation
Don’t be blocked by test application availability, stability or readiness. Make progress across your test lifecycle phases along with application development.

Designed for anyone to start automating with 3x acceleration

Start automating naturally, without any technical barriers!

No need for custom frameworks - build sustainable automation on the get-go.

Natural Language "Programming"
QA without coding - natural language automation

AI powered natural language automation, coupled with next-gen recorder.

Enable the entire team to automate and optimize.

Coding not required!

Self Healing for reliable automation
Self healing automation reduces maintainence and accelerates ROI

Self-healing automation drastically reduces maintenance and accelerates ROI.

Powerful & intelligent element capture technology creates robust automation.

Support for evolving technologies
accelq integrations
Test your APIs
with the same simplicity
API Test automation simplified
API and UI automated in the same flow
Functional approach to API automation enables your entire team to automate, without the need for specialists.
Automatic test case generation and workflow driven assertions - all with zero code.
Verify SOAP, JMS, REST based services comprehensively, or database transactions in same flow with GUI
API chaining with advanced parameterization. Achieve end-to-end flow by connecting data from multiple API responses, headers and UI elements.

Intuitively create test cases with AI driven data permutations

Business Data Modeler
Capture the structure of test data based on business semantics. Ensure data abstraction is consistently driven across test scenarios.
Centralized Data Management
Manage data values centrally so the test assets are not hard wired to actual data. Test cases make references to the data classification, eliminating redundancy and change impact.
Environment Sensitive Data
Seamlessly manage multiple variants of test data suitable for different test execution environments allowing same test cases execution to be seamless across app environments.
Enhance the power of Selenium with accelq
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See how accelQ takes Selenium to the next level
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Automation with lowest maintenance - 70% lower compared with every other tool out there

Visual business process universe modularizes automation with complete reusability.
AI powered self-healing automation applied on runtime, reduces maintenance overheads.
Intelligent traceability on business process, identifies change impact across test assets.

CI ready, scalable and secure for your enterprise

Happy accelQ customers
Seamless integration with Jira and other ALM systems for user stories and defects
OAuth 2.0 Protocol for Authentication and Authorization. Multi-Tenant architecture scales for global implementations
CI/CD ready, integrating with likes of Jenkins, Bamboo, VSTS; extendible with REST based open APIs
App Universe enables Test Design automation thru path analysis
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