API & UI test automation simplified. All in the same flow.
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App Universe
Predictive Scenario Designer
Application Abstraction

A visual blueprint of your application which becomes the center of universe, driving entire Quality Lifecyle. App Universe enables Test Design automation thru path analysis; drives prioritizing and tracking quality assurance based on business drivers. The entire Quality Lifecycle is integrated in a seamless process, breaking the test phase silos.

Develop test scenarios based on predictive analytics and path analysis; seamlessly keep up-to-date with the business process. Intelligently determine unique test data permutations for a comprehensive coverage of business process scenarios.

Don’t be blocked by test application availability, stability or readiness. Make progress across your test lifecycle phases - planning, design, creation and test execution concurrent with application development. Reconciliation engine realizes the abstraction when the app is ready.

Automate the Automation
Natural Language "Programming"
Self Healing
Evolving Technologies

Automation in an integral aspect of test authoring in accelQ . Don’t bother to write code - just develop your test logic in plain, natural English. Build complex navigation and business validation logic by an intuitive step-by-step process just as an end user would think about a business action.

accelQ’s analytic runtime engine ensures a reliable test execution by intelligently adapting to unexpected application changes at runtime. Advanced multi-step heuristics analyze the character of application element and its context to automatically detect changes and proceed with the workflow.

Out of the box support for latest application development technologies like HTML5, Kendo, Google Material Design, Bootstrap etc. Dynamic Web App technologies such as Angular JS are also supported off the shelf.

Ensure 360° quality coverage by seamlessly embedding critical server side validations along with your front-end testing. Comprehensively verify REST based services or database transactions without leaving accelQ's natural language paradigm. Eliminate yet another Silo!

Server Side Testing
360° Validation

Ensure 360° quality coverage by seamlessly embedding critical server-side API validations along with your front-end testing. Execute services testing as an integral part of UI test flows and achieve truly end-to-end system verification. Adapt consistent testing practice and test management across all the application layers.

Support for wide array of services

Comprehensively verify SOAP, JMS, REST based services, or database transactions without leaving accelQ's natural language paradigm. Auto generate service calls by parsing service specifications such as WSDL and Swagger.

Comprehensive Verifications

With intuitive user interface, formulating request payload or validating complex API responses is a breeze. Accomplish verifications ranging from status, response times, header values, content, occurrence etc. with a wizard based approach.

API Test Management

Bring API testing into mainstream from a developer oriented technical silo. Enable your current teams to adapt services testing without the need for special skillsets. Manage full cycle API testing with features such as Parameterization for test case generation, change management, creation of test suites, CI/CD integration etc.

Change BOT
Smart-View Analyzer

Manage test assets across multiple revisions of application-under-test with the Smart View Analyzer. Comprehensive change-impact analysis ensures the test assets’ integrity is always maintained and they stay in synch with the application.

Intelligent Repository

Redefine traceability with accelQ’s dependency-aware, intelligent repository. Test assets are naturally linked; change to any part of the system is traced all the way to the overall test readiness.

Define and Track Quality Scope

Quickly build test scope based on change impact, with an extensive support for metadata and tagging across the test assets. Automate the process of identifying optimal number of test scenarios. Once defined, Test Suite becomes the point of reference for downstream tracking and analysis.

Continuous Action Dashboard

Enable agile delivery with Continuous Action Dashboard which provides an integrated view of the entire SDLC status. Visualize failure density and patterns without having to deal with complicated test reports and over engineered KPIs. Actionable reports provide insight into application quality and allow you to take actions without leaving the report.

Integrated Data Designer
Business Data Modeler

Capture the structure of test data based on business semantics. Ensure data abstraction is consistently driven across test scenarios.

Centralized Data Management

Manage data values centrally so the test assets are not hard wired to actual data. Test cases make references to the data classification, eliminating redundancy and change impact.

Dynamic Environment Data

Seamlessly manage multiple variants of test data suitable for different test execution environments. At runtime, just point to the appropriate data environment and eliminate the hassle of maintaining multiple copies of data.

Enterprise Ready Platform
Secure and Scalable
CI, Agile and ALM Eco-System
Cloud Execution Platform

Enterprise level access security is ensured by OAuth 2.0 Protocol for Authentication and Authorization. Industry Standard Multi-Tenant architecture implementation secures and demarcates the services and storage boundaries. accelQ is highly configurable and enterprise-ready with an extensive support for custom fields and tagging.

Seamless integration with your ALM eco-system, ensures a smooth data flow across various applications. This enables accelQ to talk to tools such as Jira for user stories and bug tracking so you have an integrated view of Quality readiness. Execute accelQ jobs directly from CI platforms such as Jenkins and realize functional validation in the Continuous Integration pipeline.

Execute test assets on a wide range of Operating System (Windows, Mac and Linux) and Browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari) combinations. Test runs can point to a private lab infrastructure or cloud based provisioning platforms such as Browser Stack or Sauce Labs.

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