API & UI test automation simplified. All in the same flow.
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API & UI test automation simplified. All in the same flow.
11:00 AM (CST)
Thu Aug 10, 2017

Simple and transparent pricing

Easy to understand pricing model; no confusing feature matrix to compare
$ 150 /mo
Planning, Tracking & Governance
Test Planning, Creation of Suites, Execution, Reporting & Governance. Excludes Test Development.
For Business Users, Managers & Stakeholders
$ 300 /mo
All inclusive and full capability
Natural Language Automation, Data Modelling, API Testing, Execution & Analysis, Integrations etc.
For QA Engineers, Automation Testers & Developers
Custom Licensing
Includes extended analytics, customizations, premium support and custom invoicing
Contact us for custom pricing for enterprise needs
accelQ for early stage

Is your organization younger than two years old, with a small team of 8 -10 people and in an early stage of funding? We have a plan for you.

Frequently asked questions
What is the difference between Cloud and On-Premise offering?

With accelQ Cloud, we host and setup your accelQ Software on our cloud. We manage the operational aspects of setup and maintenance.

With accelQ On-Premise, you host accelQ Software on your own server and manage upgrades and operational aspects. On-Premise requires a minimum 5 license subscription.

What does a PRO license include ?

PRO license is a full feature license suitable for core test engineers and automation engineers.

  • All-inclusive and full capability
  • Natural Language Automation, Data Modelling, API Testing, Execution & Analysis, Integrations etc.
  • Appropriate for core testing resources
What does an SME license include ?

SME License includes all powerful features of accelQ except for test development capabilities in the logic editor and workflow editor.

  • Test Planning, Creation of Suites, Execution, Reporting & Governance, Jira and Jenkins Connectors etc.
  • Does not include test logic and scenario development capabilities
  • Appropriate for Managers, Business Users, extended team members and stake holders
What is included in the cloud hosting option?

Cloud hosting option is designed to free you up from day-to-day operational management hassles.

  • Hosting on accelQ cloud accessible from your network environment.
  • Private Schema with data separation and security across multiple tenants.
  • System maintenance including data migration and application of patches.
  • Upgrades and new releases and associated data migration.
  • Environment configured for optimal accelQ performance
  • 30 days backup and recovery at functional level
Is the license assigned as a Named User or is it based on Concurrent usage model?
Licenses are assigned against a Named User. However, it is easy to release and allocate the same license to a new user based on your project priorities.
What is the difference between monthly and annual subscription?
Monthly subscription is paid monthly, and can be cancelled at any time. Annual subscription is paid upfront for the year and be cancelled only at the end of the subscription year. Annual subscription is discounted compared to monthly one. Prices displayed in this page are for annual subscription.
How secured is the Cloud hosting for my data?

accelQ hosting is secure for your enterprise needs. We follow industry standard safety protocols and implement rigorous process driven framework.

  • Application access is restricted via Oauth 2.0 based security and tenant group access policies.
  • Data is segregated into tenant specific schema and backed up on regular basis.
  • Hosting environment is secure on amazon AWS service and accelQ restricts access to the hosted environment via secure
    • IAM/Resources/capabilities policies
    • IP restricted security groups
    • Access audits
Is there an option to host on private cloud of my organization choice?
Yes absolutely, we have customers who are using the software on private cloud. It works out the same as the “On-premise” option in terms of pricing. And If you need, accelQ can help with operational administration.
What is the pricing for customer support?
We made it simple and inexpensive, all included in your annual subscription.
Is there a contract or minimum term for subscription?
Nope. You can choose monthly option and cancel anytime.
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