Design, automate, execute and track API regression test plans
Codeless API test automation, seamlessly integrated with UI testing
Zero-code API test automation on cloud
API test case management, test planning, execution tracking and governance
Dynamic application environment management
CI driven regression suite execution
API and UI automation in the same simplified flow
Directly correlate business process with corresponding API for complete coverage
Support for leading technologies
Algorithmically driven automated test case generation
  • Embedded data driven framework
  • Parameterize assertions with dynamic data
  • Request payload created with parameterized data
  • Automatically apply assertions across repeated set of responses
White-box testing is not enough!
Your API’s need Regression level automation maturity
accelQ automates API Testing with automated test design, codeless automation logic, complete test management and planning & 3600 tracking
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Achieve true continuous delivery with API and UI
validations driven together
API Testing in CI
  • CI driven regression suite executions
  • Dymanic enivronment management
  • Preconfigured validation library to accelerate test creation
  • Authentications, SLA, Policy adherence etc.
Process & Governance
  • Dynamic change management of automation regression suite to adapt
  • Test case management, test planning, execution and tracking governance
Automation Strategy
  • Regression oriented automation
  • Test suite with reusability and modularity
  • Data driven framework
  • API - UI - Database - Messaging - SSH: A true end-to-end automation

Explore our exciting product features

Focus on Business Process
A visual blueprint of your application which becomes the center of universe, driving entire Quality Lifecyle.
Automate the Automation
Automation in an integral aspect of test authoring in accelQ. Develop scripts in plain, natural English.
API Testing
Ensure 3600 quality coverage by seamlessly embedding critical server-side API validations along with your front-end testing.
Change BOT
Manage test assets across multiple revisions of application-under-test with the Smart View Analyzer.
Continuous Action Dashboard
Enable agile delivery with Continuous Action Dashboard which provides an integrated view of the entire SDLC status.
Integrated Data Designer
Capture the structure of test data based on business semantics. Test case generation is automated.