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Quotes & Insights from this Test Talk with Guljeet Nagpaul

Next Generation Agile Automation with Guljeet Nagpaul-ACCELQ

We’ve seen so much innovation in automation in deployment release build, these life cycles to align with the agile or the Continuous Integration or DevOps mode whatever we call it at the end of the day you want faster releases right. But testing has suffered kind of overhead.
No matter whether you’re going for commercial tools or you are doing open source you know you’re reinventing the wheel of frameworks and then kind of chasing your automation code and the code maintenance and then API testing unfortunately still remains to be kind of in a completely different work. So you know a lot of these challenges like test design, framework overhead, API testing kind of not being able to embed as part of your end to end flow as well as you know it still remains to be you know very specialized function it needs like really senior development skills to be able to produce a good automation. So our goal was to take a step back and look at all of these challenges. Not just test case automation and silo and have a platform which connects all this. But then at the end of the day also have it connected to your business processes.
If you really want to scale up your automation you can’t scale it up unless you have the power and flexibility and that’s what Selenium brought to the table. To give the power back into the tester’s hand. But it obviously comes with a pretty huge overhead of custom frameworks, automation design, chasing that code, maintenance and unless you write a series of perfect world frameworks you know the output of Selenium can drag you down.
Interestingly when we talk about Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration and I know a lot of organizations have a misconception that if they just align their automation suite to a CI tool that’s their job done. They’ve achieved continuous testing. But it’s really a lot more than that.
So you can functionally virtualize your application. So that even while it’s under development you can start to write your automation logic, start writing your automation test suites so that you really get ahead of the curve right in terms of bringing that instant automation and not suffer a couple of sprints lag which you usually do.

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