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Simple to use, powerful AI driven test automation platform

accelQ is the only cloud-based continuous testing platform that seamlessly automates API and web testing without writing a single line of code. IT teams of all sizes use accelQ to accelerate their testing by automating critical aspects of lifecycle like test design, planning, test generation and execution.

accelQ customers typically save over 70% of the cost involved in the change & maintenance efforts in testing, addressing one of the major pain points in the industry. accelQ makes this possible with AI powered core to bring self-healing automation amongst other unique capabilities. Design and User experience focus is at the heart of accelQ’s continuous innovation approach with a relentless effort to accelerate testing and improve delivered Quality for their customers.

The fastest and easiest way to achieve sustainable test automation is with accelQ
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when was ever honey made with one bee in a hive?
-Thomas Hood
Mahendra Alladi
Shoshi Gutreich
Ravikanth Nagulapalli
Guljeet Nagpaul
Raj Karawalla
Subroto Bagh
intelligent approach to test automation
With accelQ, test design is at the center; not an after-thought or a mere best-practice
AI and analytics
accelQ employs AI to build sustainable automation, so that you can count on a reliable test execution
Usability and accessibilty
UX as a core part of product vision, accelQ makes test automation accessible to the entire team with very little learning curve
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